Our mission is to make eCommerce simple, fast, and affordable for everyone.

Shopision is building an online community of digital services for eCommerce. We want to reshape the eCommerce industry by connecting top freelancers with small businesses to get projects done faster.

About Us

Shopision is a community of hand-picked Shopify developers, designers, and marketers, available to work on your project. Launched in a private Beta in December 2018 by Santhia, Shopision makes it easy for hundreds of fast-growing brands like Subpod, Wildwillies, Skinyboo, or Lyfefuel to get their digital projects done.

With a passionate team, distributed globally, Shopision wants to create a creative ecosystem where online businesses can build unique products that make eCommerce accessible to everyone.

In 2020, Shopision launches its freelance services marketplace, Shopision Market, to connect small businesses and vetted eCommerce talent to work together. Shopision is headquartered in an awesome space in Montreal, Canada.

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Join us today and help make eCommerce better for everyone