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Craft shows let you connect with your customers on a more personal level

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September 13, 2020

Mercury is a startup in San Francisco building banking for other U.S. startups. We’re starting an office in Toronto and are making our first Canadian hires 🇨🇦 . To begin with, we’ll be looking to add customer support onto our Accounts team.

As a member of our Accounts team focused on customer support, you’ll make sure our users are charmed by warmth and competence when they have questions or needs that aren’t being met by our product. You’ll radiate intelligence while exercising your best human qualities, like compassion and empathy, even in the face of frustration.

You’ll need to understand how our product works in detail. Banks have a lot of moving pieces, so this is harder than it might seem. Finding efficient, elegant solutions for problems stemming from the oft-convoluted U.S. financial system isn’t always easy, but if you’re good at your job, our users will never know it.

Here are some things you’ll do on the job:

  • Answer user questions over chat, email, and phone
  • Handle user account requests, including application processing, card disputes, missing payments, card shipments, and a whole lot more
  • Teach customers how to use our product (hopefully most of it is self-explanatory), and translate user confusion into product suggestions
  • Identify the systemic flaws that lead to user problems
  • Work with our engineering team to find and squash bugs
  • Communicate our users' needs to our partner banks and work with them to improve their products and processes
  • Write help articles and FAQs
  • Learn our internal tools and figure out how to improve them
  • Put in place processes to make your job more efficient
  • Create and sustain warm relationships with our users
  • Help build out the customer support and ops infrastructure at Mercury

You don’t necessarily need experience, but you should:

  • Have a BA/BS or something you feel is equivalent
  • Consistently exercise empathy
  • Exude competence
  • Always seek to answer the question behind the question
  • Understand how to translate convoluted banking or engineering terminology into clear, human user communication
  • Enjoy thinking about how to automate as much of your job as possible
  • Keep a clean, ordered inbox
  • Stay calm and collected while working on ten things at once
  • Feel confident talking with startup folks in person, over chat, or on the phone
  • Use creativity while working within difficult constraints
  • Show kindness in the face of unpleasantness (our customers generally are really great, but they can get passionate when it comes to their businesses)
  • And ideally, have a love for language

I am Santhia, a freelance web designer and entrepreneur, and I am CEO at Shopision Contenfy, an online content writing service. I am no code enthusiast, and I love traveling.
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